Avalon Landing RV Park / Pensacola East


Effective 1-1-22

Call 850-995-5898 if you have any questions!

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Boat Dock in Milton, FL

Sites are full hook-up Water, Electric (50, 30 & 20 amp), Sewage, Sat Cable & Free WiFi.

Sites for RV & 1 vehicle
(Additional parking may available at a distance)

Good Sam, AAA & Active Duty Military 10 % Discounts
(Daily rates only)

Wildlife in Pensacola, FL


Waterfront :

West 3-7 & 16-23


Waterfront :

East 38-45 &  West  8-15


Off Water :

West 25-36


Off Water :

East 60-78 & 46-51


Pull Thru :

East 52-59


RV Park Location in Milton, Florida
Off-water camping sites in Milton, FL
Off-water camping in Pensacola, FL
Water-front RV parking in Pensacola, FL


You pay full price for 6 nights and get the 7th night free.

Waterfront :

West 3-7 & 16-23


Waterfront :

East 38-45 & West  8-15


Off Water :

West 25-36


Off Water :

East 60-78 & 46-51


Pull Thru :

East 52-59


Daily & Weekly Rates include 2 Adults & 2 Children. $3.00 each extra per night.

2022 Holiday & Special Events – add $3 per night for a minimum of 3 nights

– Spring Break (March), Major Holidays, & Blue Angels Air Shows


Plus electric @ .12 cents per kw. (Subject change, You pay what we pay)
(Limited sites available)

Summer rates effective March thru Sept.

$600 – Off Water West
$645 – Off Water East
$690 – Waterfront

Winter rates effective October thru February:

$590 – Off Water West
$625 – Off Water East  
$660 – Waterfront

$100.00 Electric deposit required on all Monthlies
Monthly rates for 2 persons, extra persons $65.00 each per month

Cancellation Policy

Notice Required Required or Loss Deposit
Daily: 1 Week 1 Day Charge
Weekly: 1 Week 2 Day Charge
Monthly: 2 Month Notice required or lose deposit – $200.00 charge
  • Reservations for more than a 10 day stay or over a Holiday stay require a 1 month cancellation notice
  • All rates are subject to change without notice
Bayside camping in Milton, FL
Wildlife in Pensacola, FL
RV Vacation Destination in Milton, FL

Avalon Landing RV Park Monthly Guest Guidelines

Monthly guests in consideration of all of our nightly guests and the fact that we are an RV Park and not a mobile home park we do ask and expect everyone to follow these guidelines. Exceptions to the guidelines will only be made by the Managers. Violators of these guidelines will be given a chance to rectify the problems. If problems still occur they, will be asked to leave the park, with no refunds.

Thank you for your co-operation, RV Park Managers

Click The Link Below to Download Our Guidelines Form

Monthly Guidelines Avalon Landing RV Park

1. Monthly rates are based on 1 or 2 persons

  • All rent must be paid in advance or nightly rates go into effect as of the 3rd day past due.
  • Any rent more than 10 days past due and you will be asked to leave the park with no refunds.
  • No Refunds for Early Departures plus loss of any site deposit ($200.00).
  • Metered sites will be read and paid for at the time rent is due. Electric is at the rate of .12 cents per kilowatt (this may change depending on how Gulf  Power charges us), please confirm your meter reading at the time of departure.
  • We require a $100 electric deposit upon arrival to your monthly site.
  • The electric deposit will be refunded back to you upon departing your monthly site provided: The site is fully cleaned at your departure time and all charges including electric are paid up to date at your time of departure, any cash deposit will be sent back to you by mail in check form.

2. Pets- Pet owners are required to sign a pet policy. (2 pets max. per site) No Rottweilers, Pit-bulls or German Shepherds allowed

  • Pets shall remain on leashes at all times. You are required to clean up immediately after your pet(s). Pets should not be left outside unattended at any time. Pet owners should be respectful to others on limiting the pet’s activities i.e. barking.

3. Site Appearance

  • Please always keep the site clean (NO cigarette butts, trash, trash cans, or pet deposits should be left on sites at any time).
  • Keep outside objects to a minimum (lawn chairs, bikes, grills, and plants). No clothing lines.
  • We do not allow any type of freestanding tents, canopies, or gazebos. Only RV Awnings already attached to your RV.
  • No pallets, sheds, or appliances are allowed outside including ACs in windows & refrigerators/freezers of any kind.
  • All work done on vehicles must have prior approval by management. Non-operative vehicles are prohibited in the park.
  • Sites are for your RV and one vehicle per site if your site can accommodate the RV and two vehicles without parking on grass or blocking other site parking or the roadway that is all right. ONLY 2 VEHICLES (2 cars, car & truck, car/truck & utility trailer, car/truck & small boat) AND RV, the only exceptions are motorcycles, canoes & kayaks. Guest vehicles must park in your site area only. Do not park in empty sites, grass, or roadways.

4. Sewage Connections

  • Florida law requires a sewer donut to be used on all sewage hoses.
  • Please use your black water holding tank (open valves and dump as needed).
  • Use chemicals to help dissolve solids.
  • Sewage hoses should be cut to length and elevated properly along with water and cable lines (this will help in landscaping your site). Do not pour grease or other objects down sewage lines.

5. Visitors

  • You are accountable for any violations of park rules, by visitors or persons staying on your site.
  • All visitors must check-in and be registered at the office, they will need to park at your site we have limited additional parking areas. Visitors should leave the campgrounds by 10 PM. –Visitors will be charged $3.00 a day per person.

6.  No firearms or fireworks are allowed in RV Park.

7. Only fire pits raised off the ground are allowed on your site. Fire pits must be on gravel, not on the grass at any time.

8. We are doing our best to keep our RV Park clean for you, please help keep our restrooms and park clean and leave them as you would like to find them upon arriving at the RV Park.

9. Please let us know if you see anything that needs our attention or if we can help in any way.

10. Our park’s free WiFi system is intended for checking e-mail and light surfing only. It is NOT meant for streaming of any kind to include but is not limited to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Firestick type devices, gaming, or downloading files. IT IS ILLEGAL to engage in any kind of Copyright Infringement (posted, transmitted, or shared with others). Certain copyrighted material without the permission of the owner and you will be held legally responsible for doing so.

11. Guests are not to do anything that may cause physical or financial damage to the park in any way.

12. We don’t allow anyone who must register as a Sexual Offender/Predator in Florida or any state to be a guest in our park.

Cancellations Policy– Camper must give us a 2-month notice before the beginning of your last month with us or lose your deposit for late cancellation. If we are holding your site for multiple months this notice is still required.


Arrival Date___________________             Reserved Departure Date____________________


We the undersigned hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Avalon Landing RV Park from any and all claims, suits, damages, losses, or actions of any kind.


Date______________________             Name (print)_____________________________________

Site#______________________            Signature________________________________________