Avalon Landing RV Park / Pensacola East

Park Information


Good Sam Club RV Park
  • Fishing Pier (No Fishing License Required)
  • Private Boat Dock
  • Waterfront Sites
  • Located Directly on the Indian Bayou Water Way
  • Saltwater Fishing
  • Private Boat Ramp
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  • Sites Accommodate 45’ Rigs to Pop-up Campers
  • All Sites Full Hook-up (water, electric 50-30-20 Amps and sewage)
  • Pull thru, Pull-in and Back-in Sites
  • Landscaped Sites – Graded Park (No Standing Water)
  • Sites Accommodate Rig and 1 Vehicle
  • Pets Welcome (must sign and follow pet policies)
  • Cable TV
  • Free Limited Wireless Internet Access (Checking Email / Light Surfing)
  • Clean Restrooms with Shower Facilities (Handicap Accessible)
  • Laundry Facility
  • Clubs Welcome
  • Pool and Deck (with lounge chairs)

Sorry, No Tents Allowed

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Daily Guidelines

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and will not be held responsible for accidents or injury to our guests or for loss of money or valuables of any kind.

  1. Pet owners must sign a pet owner policy when registering in the park. (ALL pets must be kept on a leash anytime outside of RV, guests must clean up immediately after their pets and are not to be left outside of rig unattended even at your own site. This includes all kinds of pets).  View Pet Policy
  2. Florida law requires a “sewage donut” to be used when connecting sewage hose at the RV site and must have sewage holding tanks. Park requires all RV’s be manufactured as a Recreations Vehicle.
  3. Check out time is 11 am. Late departures will incur additional charges. No refunds for early departures.
  4. Quiet time is from 10 pm until 8 am, please respect your neighbors. Speed Limit is 5 MPH
  5. You need to register ALL your guest at the office before they arrive. They should park at your site only and you will be held responsible for them. Visitors should be with you at all times. Visitors will be charged $3.00 a day per person whether visiting for a few minutes or overnight & you need their full name when registering them.
  6. Children under the age of 16 must always have an adult with them. Parents are responsible for their children and their actions. Children are not to be left unattended at any time.
  7. Please do not park on the grass or on the roads. Sites are for your rig and all additional vehicles must fit on your site(2 max. per site). Please park on your own site only and do not park or block any unoccupied sites even temporarily, you may be charged for that site. Please ask at the office about extra temporary parking(if we have any available at that time).
  8. We do not allow ANY type of freestanding tents, canopies or gazebos even for a short time. Only RV Awnings already pre-attached to your RV. No fences allow for more than 2 hours at a time.
  9. All Drivers of Electric/Gas transports(golf carts/scooters/kids’ cars) must have a Valid Driver’s License.
  10. NO FIREWORKS ARE ALLOWED IN THE PARK AT ANY TIME. Violators will be asked to leave with NO REFUNDS    Firearms are not permitted in the park.
  11. Campfires only allowed in self-contained firepits on the gravel area of your site and must always be attended.
  12. Our Park’s free Wi-Fi system is intended for checking e-mail and light surfing only. It is NOT meant for Streaming of any kind to include but not limited to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Firestick type devices, gaming or downloading files. IT IS ILLEGAL to engage any kind of Copyright Infringement (torrents).
  13. We don’t allow ANYONE who must Register as a Sexual Offender/Predators to be a Guest in our Park.
  14. Please be aware and cautious of natural wildlife. (Please don’t feed them)
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Pet Policy
Pet Owners Policy: (2 Pet Maximum)

Pet Owners: We would like to be able to keep Avalon Landing pet friendly, but it takes ALL pet owners being responsible for their pet(s) to be able to do this. We hope you will continue to help us with our efforts in keeping our park clean and pet friendly by letting us know if our policy is being met or not. If you see another pet owner not keeping to our policies please let us know.

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  1. All pet owners must keep their pet(s) on a leash at all times, even late nights and early mornings.
  2. Pet owners must clean up after their pets immediately, even when on their own site.
  3. Clean up bag’s must be visible when walking your dog.
  4. Young children should not walk the dog.
  5. NO Pets are to be left outside of rig unattended at any time. You may not leave them tied, crated or fenced outside while you are not outside with them. (You must be outside with your pet.)
  6. Pets should NOT be walked on other campers’ site or on neighboring properties at any time.
  7. If there is pet mess on your site, we will assume it is from your pet. Please inform the office if other pet owners bring their pet onto your site and we will speak to them.
  8. We do have breed restrictions. No Rottweilers, Pit-bulls or German Shepherds allow. Exceptions for service industries only.
Monthly Guidelines

Monthly rates are based on 1 or 2 persons:

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  • We require a $100 electric deposit upon arriving on your monthly site. Monthly sites are metered and will be read and paid for at the time rent is due. Electric is at the rate of .12 cents per kilowatt (this may change depending on Gulf Power charges us), please confirm your meter reading at the time of departure.
  • The electric deposit will be refunded back to you upon departing your monthly site provided:
  • Site is fully cleaned at your departure time and all charges including electric are paid up to date at your time of departure, the Cash deposit will be sent back to you by mail in check form
  • All rent must be paid in advance or nightly rates go into effect as of the 5th day past due, if more than 15 days past due and camper/renters will be asked to leave the park with no refunds.
  • No Refunds for Early Departures plus loss of any site deposit ($200.00).
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Site Appearance:

  • Please keep site clean at all times (no cigarette butts, trash, paper or pet deposits should be left on sites at any time).
  • Keep outside objects to a minimum (lawn chairs, bikes, grills and plants).
  • No pallets, mudrooms, tool sheds, or exterior appliances are allowed outside.
  • No clothing lines except at back of site, away from road.
  • All work done on vehicles must have prior approval by management.
  • Sites are for your RV and one vehicle per site, if your site can accommodate the RV and two vehicles without parking on grass or blocking other site parking or roadway that is all right. ONLY 2 VEHICLES (2 cars, car & truck , car/truck & utility trailer, car/truck & boat) AND RV , the only exceptions are Motorcycles, canoes & kayaks. Guest vehicles must park in your site area only. Do not park in empty sites, grass or roadways.
  • Non-operative vehicles are prohibited in the park and will be towed at the owner expense.
Sewage Connections:

  • Florida law requires a sewer donut to be used on all sewage hoses.
  • Please use your black water holding tank (open valves and dump as needed).
  • Use chemicals to help dissolve solids. Do not pour grease or other objects down sewage lines.
  • Sewage hoses should be cut to length and elevated properly along with water and cable lines (this will help in our landscaping your site).

  • All visitors must check in & be registered at the office, they will be advised on additional parking area.
  • Visitors should leave the campgrounds by 10 PM.
  • Visitors will be charged $3.00 a day per person.
  • Campgrounds will hold you accountable for any violations of park rules, by visitors or persons staying on your site.
Cancellation Policy:

  • Camper must give us a 1 month notice before the beginning of your last month with us (2 months before date of departure) or loss your deposits for late cancellation.
  • If we are holding your site for multiple months this notice is still required.

General Guidelines:

  • No firearms or fireworks allowed in RV Park.
  • Only fire pit raised off the ground are allowed on your site.
  • We are doing our best to keep our RV Park clean for you, please help keep our restrooms and park clean and leave it as you would like to find it upon arriving the RV Park.

Monthly guest in consideration of all of our nightly guest and the fact that we are a RV Park and not a mobile home park we do ask and expect everyone to follow these guidelines. Exceptions to the guidelines will only be made by the Managers or Owners. Violators of these guidelines will be given a chance to rectify the problems, if problems still occur they will be asked to leave the park, with no refunds.

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